Workboat Agency

We provide a 24/7 agency service for workboats working within the Liverpool Port limit, including Garston and the Manchester Ship Canal.

Having operated workboats on the River Mersey and Manchester Ship Canal for more than 45 years, Carmet understand all the services required for the smooth implication of marine projects, and have developed close relationships with the Ports. We can provide an agency service to all tugs, workboats and CTVs operating within the local area.

Over the years we have developed a strong reputation and established close relationships with local suppliers to enable us to provide an efficient solution to all workboat operators and owners.
Services include:

  • Dead Tow Applications
  • Pilotage Consultations
  • Berthing Requests and Logistics
  • Lock Bookings
  • Waste Disposal
  • Vessel Bunkers
  • Crew Transfers and Linesmen
  • Assistant Towage
  • Vessel supplies, provisions and mechanical spares
  • Personnel Travel and Logistics